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Our Vision

Hello. I’m Dr. Afshin, a board-certified physician both in internal medicine and pediatrics. I am also the founder of Inner Light Remedies. I have been in practice since 1999. My practice involves seeing people of all ages...from 0 to 120. Over the past 22 years I have seen over 200,000 patients. You can say that based on these numbers I have seen many different dis-
eases and illnesses that most physicians may not ever see in their entire careers.

I have come to believe in the innate power of body to heal itself.

The body has an amazing power that was designed to heal itself. The role of a physician is to prepare and maximize this potential for their patients. I believe the best thing a physician can do for a relatively healthy person is to step to the side and simply help the body to heal itself.

It has been my privilege to see more than four generations of the same families in my practice. This allows me to see how diseases affect inter-generationally, where often the diesease remains hidden.

My goal is to bring you the best quality supplements that help your body become aligned with your inner light and give you the power of healing. There are many components to true healing. First we start with the physical aspects of our body. The right diet, exercise, sleep, and, ofcourse, the right supplements. It’s essential to find this balance physcially so we can integrate
our emotional well-being for optium whole health.

We aim to bring to you the very best supplements and information about different modalities of healing and how the body can repair itself.

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